Our Vision

To phase-out of single use plastic shopping bags.

Pin-Up Bags was established out of a growing concern for the impact of single-use plastic shopping bags.

There are an estimate of 5 billion of plastic bags disposed every year in Australia, that litter our landfills and the ocean.

It takes an approximate 430,000 gallons of oil to manufacture 100 million bags. Plastic bags are a problem for our Environment

To deliver the highest quality packaging products to the highest standard

Our commitment to our customers doesn't just end with the delivery of the products. Pin Up Bags endeavour to remain in close contact with our customers throughout to ensure that the products supplied are of to the highest standards.


To Branding your Business
We at Pin Up bags will have your customers remembering your brand above your competitors. As a Business we all need to advertise and market our Products. Pin Up Bags offer economical and smart solutions to brand your Business.


Make PIN Up Bags a part of your marketing and advertising strategy

 Pin Up Bags Constantly connects with people as they are out and about providing multiple contacts points in the out of home environment